Buying A Car Seat For Your Chrysler Pacifica

1/23/19-Usually, the reason your looking at or already own a Chrysler Pacifica is because you have kids. If
you have little ones still in car seats, the Pacifica is the perfect vehicle for car seats because of the Easy-Tilt Seating. You see, the 2nd row seats tilt forward without having to move or alter the car seat. Here's a great example in Jim Gaffigan's Chrysler Pacifica Street Smart Series that shows the advantage Pacifica has over the competition.

Also, here is some advice from on buying the right car seat:

Buying a car seat can often be a confusing, tedious process. Hopefully, this has helped you. If you need a place to start looking for car seats, or replacing car seats, Here's some great choices for Car Seats And Accessorieson Amazon