Pacifica Pricing Special

The Pacifica Place at Criswell Chrysler, located in Gaithersburg MD, is proud to announce their nationwide Pricing Special for in stock  2020 Chrysler Pacificas.

6% Under Invoice PLUS Incentives
No Games, No Gimmicks
Just Straight Forward Pricing

I will provide you with the vehicle invoice so you can see  the Pacifica Invoice Price.  In addition to our special pricing, you will also receive any rebates you qualify for. The only additional fees you would have to add would be your state's taxes, tags and the $300 Maryland processing fee.

I don't include what I call "qualification rebates" in my quotes.
The price I provide you will only include the rebates you qualify for at time of delivery. Not rebates you may or may not qualify for. For a list of these commonly used qualification rebates click here.

Must contact Carl Wilhelm, at or to get your Pacifica  Pricing Special. I can also be reached by phone or text at 301-748-2053

The Pacifica Pricing Special is not compatible with any other buyers programs. Some examples of these are True Car, Edmunds, USAA, Costco/Sams Club,and AAA.

We do not reimburse for any travel expenses you may incur.

We do not ship vehicles, but we have a couple carriers we can recommend or you can set it up on your own. We do not reimburse for shipping.

Don't hesitate to email me at or with any questions or concerns you may have.