Up To 5% Under Invoice On 2024 Chrysler Pacifica Factory Orders


I am currently doing up to 5% under invoice on Factory Ordered 2024 Chrysler Pacifica's. Here is the breakdown:

4% for mentioning you saw us on Facebook.
An additional 1% for Affiliate Rewards. Your employer may be an affiliate of Chrysler.. All I would need is the name of your employer and I can check. If not, there is another way. There is an organization called Tread Lightly that is a Chrysler Affiliate. By becoming a member, would qualify for the 1%. The membership cost is $100, but your net gain is still $300-$500 depending on the price of the Pacifica. You must be a member for 30 days to take advantage of the program. Their website is Treadlightly.org

Any applicable rebates will be applied at time at delivery giving you additional savings.
The 5% is based on the invoice amount at time of delivery. This price may be slightly different than the original price quote we provide you with, but typically, it’s not much different, if at all.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me at cwilhelm@criswellauto.com if you have any questions.

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