Interface Enhancements For Chrysler Pacificas equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Interface and App Updates

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have major updates that your customers will love! Apple CarPlay and
Android Auto have a redesigned user interface that’s more intuitive and functional. Enhancements include added apps to help make the drive more convenient, safe and enjoyable – helping to improve the overall customer experience.

Apple CarPlay (with IOS 13)

Redesigned Home Screen – The Dashboard View icon and App Row View icon allow customers to select their preferred view.
  • The App Row View displays apps in a grid, like previous versions
  • The new Dashboard View displays widgets (Maps, Shortcuts, Siri Suggestions, Now Playing and Calendar)
  • A key benefit of the Dashboard View is that more than one app is accessible on the screen, so the customer spends less time jumping between different apps
  • To toggle between the two views, use the icons or swipe left/right
New Calendar App – The new Calendar app helps customers stay on track while they’re on the road by displaying a simple and concise view of upcoming events.
  • The app is interactive but not editable within CarPlay
  • If the event includes the contact’s information and location, customers can tap the event to access Maps for navigation to the location, contact the other party or dial-in to the meeting
Maps App – The Maps app has an updated appearance and new features available with IOS 13 that provide more details to drivers. Customers can toggle between 2D and 3D map views, add locations to their Favorite destinations, search for locations and see contextual Siri suggestions.
  • Siri’s navigation language is more natural for enhanced turn-by-turn instructions and customers can mute/unmute Siri while navigating
  • The app makes it easier to search for points of interest along a route and drivers can share their ETA with a contact. The Search function lets drivers enter a search item using Siri or the new keyboard interface. After finding the desired location, drivers can just tap on it to access more features such as a phone button to call the location, its Yelp entry (if available), estimated arrival time, and expected tolls (if applicable)
  • To start navigation, drivers tap the large green “Go” button. When not actively using navigation, the Maps interface fades into the background
Apple Music App – The Music app’s screen layout has been redesigned for easier navigation through the customer’s library, play list and radio stations. Across the top of the screen, drivers can access the Libraries, For You (favorites), Browse and Radio icons. The app also displays the album art, which can be helpful for locating the desired music.
New Siri Features – Siri no longer covers the entire screen, freeing up space for other apps. Siri can control third-party navigation apps. Notifications for messages and reminders display from the bottom of the screen, making them easier to reach than in previous versions. Using “Hey Siri” helps limit the driver’s physical interaction with the screen, so they can keep their eyes on the road.
Independent Screens – The customer’s iPhone and Apple CarPlay can now be used separately at the same time. A passenger can use the iPhone for other functions without disturbing the driver’s navigation or other apps on the Uconnect system.
Settings Options
  • Do Not Disturb While Driving – For this option, customers can toggle on/off “Activate with CarPlay.” Drivers can set up this option to allow “Favorite” contacts to bypass the Do Not Disturb block by texting the word “urgent.”o Do Not Disturb While Driving – For this option, customers can toggle on/off “Activate with CarPlay.” Drivers can set up this option to allow “Favorite” contacts to bypass the Do Not Disturb block by texting the word “urgent.”
  • Display Appearance – Customers can now set the display to “Automatic” or “Always Dark” mode. In Automatic mode, the display changes between light and dark modes depending on the level of light detected by the sensor on the iPhone.
  • Suggestions in Dashboard – Siri suggestions can be toggled on/off depending on user preference. Turning off Siri Suggestions allows more “Now Playing” information to display on the screen.
  • Show Album Art – This setting is turned on by default. It displays album art next to the track information in the Now Playing app. Some customers find it easier to search for their music this way, while others prefer to turn it off to free up screen space.

Android Auto

New Interface – The new Android Auto interface makes it easier to get around between different apps and features. The controls on the screen are more intuitive, so customers can quickly access the information they need while on the road.
New Home Screen – The Home Screen now displays all of the Android Auto-compatible apps that the customer has downloaded onto their phone.
App Launcher – When a customer starts their vehicle, Android Auto’s App Launcher shows the most recently used apps at the top of the screen for easy access. The previously active media continues playing and the preferred navigation app displays.
Google Assistant Apps – Google Assistant apps are now available, including Calendar, News, Weather and Reminders.
New Screen Appearance – The new display has a dark background with an easier-to-read font and color palette. The darker theme blends in better with most vehicle interiors and is easier on the driver’s eyes (especially at night).
New Navigation Bar – With the new navigation bar, drivers can easily access and control their apps and phone and view turn-by-turn directions from their navigation app, all on the same screen.
Adaptive Task Bar – The new adaptive task bar across the bottom of the screen displays contextual information and controls for the secondary app that is not currently showing in the main area of the screen. Tapping it opens the full version of that app on the main screen.
Notifications – The Notifications (bell) icon is easily accessible at the bottom of the screen. Tap the icon to display the new Notifications Center which shows recent calls, messages and alerts. This new feature allows the driver to view, listen to and respond to notifications when it is safe and convenient to do so.
Navigation – Google Maps and third-party apps are available, so customers can choose their preferred navigation app.
Phone Contacts – Drivers can now search their contacts by letter using the new keyboard interface.
Google Play Music – The Music app has an updated interface and graphics which make it easier to navigate.

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