The Automatic Transmission On Your New Chrysler Pacifica Needs Time To "Learn"

Does it feel like the transmission in your new Pacifica feel like it's shifting strangely? The best advice is "be patient" 

FCA offered its first computer-controlled automatic transmissions in the 1989 model year. Today, FCA automatic transmissions are controlled by more powerful computers running more sophisticated software than engineers had available three decades ago.

It may seem that your Pacifica's transmission is shifting harshly. In almost all cases, this is perfectly normal. The computer needs time and mileage to "learn" and adapt to your driving style. 

As the owners manual explains:

The electronically-controlled transmission adapts its shift schedule based on driver inputs, along with environmental and road conditions. The transmission electronics are self-calibrating; therefore, the first few shifts on a new vehicle may be somewhat abrupt. This is a normal condition, and precision shifts will develop within a few hundred miles

If you are experiencing this, drive your Pacifica for a few hundred miles to see if it corrects. If it doesn't than take it to your dealer to have it looked at.

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