Family Drive Alerts Available On Chrysler Pacifica With Uconnect Connected Services

Now available, Family Drive Alerts is a new service added to the connected services (Uconnect + SiriusXM Guardian) package to help promote safety and give you peace of mind when your loved ones are on the road. Customers can set up alerts using the Uconnect smartphone app or the Uconnect website. Notifications are sent via text, email or the Uconnect smartphone app.

Four Types of Alerts:

  • Boundary – Notifies you when the vehicle is driven out of or into a set geographic boundary
  • Curfew – Notifies you when the vehicle’s engine is started during a restricted time period
  • Speed – Notifies you when the vehicle exceeds the set speed limit
  • Valet – Notifies you when the vehicle is driven outside a defined radius from the drop-off zone (¼-mile up to five miles)

Boundary Alert

You can create up to five Boundary Alerts, but only one can be active at a time. Boundary Alerts don’t provide the location of the vehicle at any given moment; the app does not actively track the vehicle. You are only alerted when the vehicle enters or exits a defined area.
There are three types of Boundary Alerts:
  • Arriving only
  • Departing only
  • Arriving and departing

Curfew Alert

The Curfew Alert notifies you when the vehicle’s engine is started during a restricted time period. You can save up to five curfew alerts, but only one can be active during any designated time period.

Speed Alert

The Speed Alert sends you a notification when the vehicle exceeds a set speed limit. You can create up to five speed alerts, but only one can be active at any given time.
  • Without navigation – You can set one maximum speed (e.g., 80 mph) that applies to all roads
  • With navigation – The app monitors speed set will be an amount above the posted speed limit on the road being traveled (e.g., 10 mph over the speed limit)

Valet Alert

The Valet Alert notifies you when the vehicle is driven outside a defined radius from a ¼-mile up to five miles (in ¼-mile increments) from the drop-off zone.

Priceless Peace of Mind

 Gain peace of mind by setting up Family Drive Alerts to receive notifications based on where, when, and how fast your vehicle is being driven. Make sure your connected services are activated with a paid or trial subscription to a package that includes Family Drive Alerts.


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