What Are The Best New Car Buying Programs

There are numerous new car buying programs that claim they can get you the best price available.
You'll see websites claiming to have the best new car tips available and they can show you how to negotiate your best price, but does anyone really enjoy the negotiating aspect of buying a car? I can tell you from my 20+ years in the business that answer is a resounding no!

Is there a better way to do it?
Is there a way to avoid the negotiations and the hassle of buying a new car? Yes, there is. Below, in my opinion, are the five best new car buying programs that I have worked with. All of these programs work on the basic premise that the pricing you get is a set amount under invoice that is determined by the dealer and buying program. Any rebates available are in addition to this pre determined discount.

Most of these new car buying programs will give you the offers of the three dealerships closest to you that participate in their program. This benefits a customer in the following ways:

  •  It allows you to get three different competitive prices without having to step foot into three different dealerships.

  •  Because the dealerships know you are going to be getting two other quotes, it forces the dealerships to make sure their pricing is competitive as possible thus benefiting you.

  •  It requires the dealership to be transparent. Typically, the initial price provided only includes the rebates available to everyone, not rebates you may not qualify for such as lease loyalty or military rebates. If you do qualify for additional rebates, they come off the price as well. The only thing you would need to add to your pricing is taxes and tags. Some states also have a processing fee involved and that would need to be added back in as well if applicable.

The dealership and the car buying services are in contact weekly to discuss if any price adjustments need to be made due to market conditions and program sales penetration. Because of this, buying program pricing is typically lower than the pricing you will get just by walking into the dealership. Dealerships pay these buying programs a fee so it is definitely in the dealerships best interests to offer you the best pricing available.

  Below are what I feel are the most aggressive new car buying programs:

Costco Auto Buying Program
Costco ensures that there members get the same type of pricing discounts and deals that they would receive if they were shopping in one of their stores. Each dealership has trained and authorized  Sales Consultants who are versed in the Costco Buying Program and how it works thus ensuring the members receive a smooth, seamless buying experience.

USAA Auto Buying Service
Besides the auto buying service, there are a couple other benefits of being a USAA Member and using their buying service. First, there is often an additional USAA rebate available exclusively to USAA Members on certain vehicles .Secondly, USAA offers a 0.50% discount on your auto load when you use their buying service.

The biggest benefit of True Car is that it is available to everyone. True Car also administers other company buying programs as well. Examples of these buying programs include Sam's Club, US News, Consumer Reports, American Express and the Geico Auto Buying Programs.

These new car buying services have truly changed the way people buy vehicles . In my personal experience it has helped streamline the process and make it more efficient to the point where I sometimes don't meet a client until they visit the dealership to take delivery of their new car. Because of the transparency of these buying programs things can be done without dealership visits saving everyone time and more importantly, money.

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