The Minivan Dilemma And Why The Chrysler Pacifica Solves It

Let's face it. Nobody grows up dreaming of driving a minivan. As kids, we always wanted to drive an awesome sports car,  a really cool 4x4, or a really jacked up pick up truck.  No one ever said " my dream car is a minivan" and you sure didn't have posters of minivans hanging on your bedroom wall.

You never understood how your parents could buy a minivan (or it's predecessor, the station wagon, depending on your age) by choice. You never wanted to ride in it, let alone be seen getting in and out of it. God forbid your friends saw you even though their parents were probably driving the same thing or something very similar.
To make things even worse, when you were old enough to get your license, guess what you were driving? That's right, the minivan. Your parents held on to it just for you. You drove it because it gave you freedom (and it was free) but always promised yourself that you would never drive a minvan where you grew up.

All through high school and up until you got your first real job you drove it, always remebering the promise you made to yourself. Finally, the day came when you could afford your own car. You go to the dealership and snicker and chuckle at the families you see test driving minvans and you almost feel bad for the Dad as you see that last little flicker of youth in his eye snuffed out. "That will never be me" you say to yourself and drive off the lot in your brand new SUV.

Fast forward 15 years. You're a family of 3 with another baby on the way. You've been surviving so far on SUV's, not wanting to admit the enevitable. The time has come to buy a minivan. You think of all the reasons not to, but you do all your research and you come to the following realizations:

You need more room!

Chrysler Pacifica has 165 cubic feet of passenger room so it's plenty roomy

You need seating versitility
Chrysler Pacifica has standard 7 passenger seating and optional 8 passenger seating plus over 243 different seating configurations so there's plenty of options for your kids and friends to sit without being on top of each other.

You haul stuff
With Chrysler Pacificas  Stow 'N Go seating you have 140.5 cubic feet of storage behind the first row seat (gas models). Plenty of room for transporting big objects.

Your safety conscious
Chrysler Pacificas equipped with the Advanced Safety Tec Group are some of the safest vehicles on the road according to the IIHS. Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning, 360 Surround  View Camera and Parallel and Perpedicular Park Assist make this one safe vehicle you can feel confident and comfortable transporting your family in

Your a tech junkie
With Chrysler Pacificas available 8.4C NAV Touchscreen with Bluetooth and Voice Command and the available Uconnect Theatre Package which includes dual 10" touchscreens with Blu Ray Player, dual HDMI inputs, wireless headphone and wireless streaming along with built in games and aps. Chrysler Pacifica also comes equipped with Apple Car Play and Android Auto and mirrors your phone on the touch screen.

You've gotten a bit lazy
No problem! With Chrysler Pacificas power sliding doors and lift gate and available Hand Free Sliding Door and Liftgate Group don't think of yourself as lazy. Think of yourself as being more efficient.

You still like to drive fast (within reason)
With Chrysler Pacificas award winning 3.6 Liter V6 Pentastar engine, your getting 287 ponies under the hood you're rocketing down the 1/4 mile in a swift 15.6 seconds and doing 0-60 in 7.4 seconds.

Will I lose my street cred if I drive a minivan
Heck No! The available S Appearance package turns your Chrysler Pacifica into the anti-minivan. Menacing Black Grill, 18" aluminum "Black Noise" wheels, black badging and all black interior screams anti establishment.

Chrysler Pacifica, it's really not your Mom and Dad's minivan(or station wagon) anymore.


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