Chrysler Pacifica S- The Mom Mobile Just Got Cool

It used to be that when you started driving a minivan, you resigned yourself to the fact that your days of being "cool" were over. Well, the Chrysler Pacifica S Appearance Package has changed all that. It's a minivan with a whole lot of attitude. When combined with the Brilliant Black exterior, it looks like the Batmobile on steroids. Don't what the Brilliant Black? Any color looks great when combined with the S Appearance Package.

First thing you notice are the 18" "Black Noise" Aluminum wheels. Combine those wheels with the black grill, black badging, and body colored door handles and exterior mirrors and it looks like no minivan you're ever seen before. The theme continues on the inside with the all black interior that makes it's like the cool hideout you can go to when you want to get away from things. Add the optional UConnect Theatre Package and it's like being in a mom (and Dad) cave on wheels.

Gone are the days when you wished you didn't have to drive a minivan. There's an element of cool to the Pacifica S that makes you want people to see you in it and getting out of it. Even your kids will stop doing the "do we have to take the minivan face". They may even let you drop them off in front of the school instead of the normal two blocks away.

 The Chrysler Pacifica S is definitely the anti-minivan and breaks every stereotype you had about minivans. Chrysler definitely got this right and showed that minivans don't have to be just practical. Practical is good, but practical with attitude is a whole lot more fun.