Chrysler Expands US Minivan Market Share From 51% To 57%

The US  minivan market was flat for 2018, with 2018 tracking the 500,000 minivan sales in 2017.
 Suprisingly though, Chrysler expanded it's market share in minivans from 51% in 2017 to 57% for the 2018 year. The Dodge Grand Caravan still continues to be the share leader with 32% with the Chrysler Pacifcia coming in at 25%.

The total number of minivans sold in the US through November 2018 is 445198, down slighty from the November 2017 number of 446690. Chrysler has sold 109,386 Pacificas through November of 2018, up from 107130 for the same period last year. Chryslers other major competitors, Honda Odyssey, sits at 95,818 sales through November 2018, good for 22% of the 2018 market share and the Toyota Sienna sits at 80953, good for 18% of the 2018 US market share. The Kia Sedona sits at 16,802 sold through November 20128 for the remaining 3% of the market.

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