What Is The Break In Period for my Chrysler Pacifica

For both the Pacifica gas engine and Pacifica Hybrid engine, the break in periods are the same. Here's what the manufacturer has to say:

A long break-in period is not required for the engine and drivetrain (transmission and axle) in your vehicle. Drive moderately during the first 300 miles (500km).After the initial 60miles(100km),speeds up to 50 or 55mph (80or90km/h) are desirable. While cruising,brief full-throttle acceleration within the limits of local traffic laws contributes to a good break-in.
Wide-open throttle acceleration in low gear can be detrimental and should be avoided. The engine oil installed in the engine at the factory is a high-quality energy conserving type lubricant. Oil changes should be consistent with anticipated climate conditions under which vehicle operations will occur.