Waymo is set to lauch first robotaxi service in next 2 months using the Chrysler Pacifica

Waymo plans to launch the nations first Robotaxi in the next 2 months, commercializing its self driving car technology.

The service will begin in Phoenix, AZ and derive revenue from 2 diferent sources. Privately, from
people who utilize the taxi service concept, and comercially from businesses that will use the self driving Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid to take customers to and from their stores.

Waymo will expand their services to new markets in the coming year. They already operate a self drfiving car service for select Alphabet (Waymo's parent company) employees and last month became the first company to obtain a permit from the California DMV to test self driving cars.

At launch, Waymo's Pacificas will take people from Phoenix area Walmarts ,Avis rental car facilities and AutoNation Car Dealerships.

Waymo launched a pilot of its robotaxi service in Phoenix last April, signing on 400 families for its Early Rider Program The company bought 500 Chrysler Pacifica vans at the time, beefing up its fleet to 600 cars.